A Thriving Economy that Includes All of Us

We must create better economic security for our city’s residents. As your councilmember I will champion good union jobs, living wages, benefits for workers, more funds for apprenticeship and job training, and higher standards for city contracts to produce good jobs.

I will champion economic opportunities for youth through career pathway programs, and partnerships with educational institutions.  Young people deserve the chance to grow in Santa Ana and raise their children here too.  Balanced growth will ensure that Santa Ana does not become too expensive for its residents to afford.

Public resources must produce public benefit.  Where the City provides land, money or other opportunities for developers, we must see quality housing that all people can afford, parks and open space, protected bike lanes, arts and culture, community centers, and all the ingredients of a thriving, healthy community.

We must invest in Santa Ana residents, and in our future. With small business development and cooperative ownership, local residents can share their arts, crafts, and talents to contribute to a thriving economy that includes all of us.